We are PADI Dive Center based in Johor Bahru. Downtown Divers was established since 2007, first and only professional dive centre in Johor Bahru. We provide range of scuba diving Equipment, Education and Experience.

The Downtown Divers Philosophy
Established with the aim of providing in scuba diving education and experience. Downtown Divers Philosophy is to ensure that the diving consumer receives the greatest value for money without the sacrifices of safety, comfort or enjoyment.

Why Downtown Divers
Downtown Divers is fully geared to offer the entire range of scuba diving courses from beginner all the way to professional level sanctioned by the Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI) - currently the world’s largest diver education organization.
PADI has set an enviable standard for quality, excellence and fun in diver education. Our qualified instructors will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Downtown Divers organize diving trips and holidays throughout South East Asia. Dive trips are available on both scheduled and customized basis.

Discover Scuba Diving

Not sure whether you will love it? Why not try it first before you commit to the full course? This session allows you to try SCUBA in the safe hands of a PADI Professional. Here’s your chance to breathe underwater in a fun, convenient session conducted in a pool.

This program lets you experience the basics of diving at the convenience of a local swimming pool. During this adventure, you'll master some of the basic concepts and scuba skills which would be helpful should you decide to pursue an experience in the open sea during your PADI Open Water Diver course.

Whether you watch the short PADI Discover Scuba video, or are briefed with the Discover Scuba Diving Flip Chart, you’ll enter the water ready for your scuba adventure. After you and your instructor strap on your scuba gear, you’ll have the chance to dive down to maximum 6 metres/20 feet.

To go on your Discover Scuba adventure, you must at least be 10 years or older and complete the Discover Scuba Statement (which includes a medical questionnaire).

Give it a try. Diving can change your life…
  • World’s most popular introduction to scuba diving
  • Available in a pool, ocean, river, lake, quarry or almost anywhere there’s water
  • Discover Scuba Diving skills may be credited toward the PADI Open Water Diver certification
  • Average dive depth is 6 metres/20 feet (12 metres/40 feet is the maximum depth)
  • Most Discover Scuba Diving experiences take just an hour or two
  • No equipment necessary – everything’s provided except you supply the smiles

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